Lessons I have Learned About Marketing Online…Lesson 2

3TH3WPCAMBH6UICAJJYP7GCAKOPH0LCA8VZZ7TCA3SCUJ5CA439BF0CA7OBZS8CAPHNHEDCATAJBBWCA905KZPCAN3INJ4CA0V7YCCCA5N42NGCAJVIXLRCA75OJCFCACCB09CCAMUK30PCA06JE01CATTOO10The World Wide Web is a vast playground. Your able to connect with people anywhere in the world. A word of caution… connecting with people on the internet should be much like connecting with people in your own neighborhood.

I connect to people through Skype. My Skype ID is abeque, please feel free to contact me but indicate that you got my Skype id from my post.

Skype is a free instant messenger. Your able to text anyone in the world as long as they also have Skype. If you both also have a headset you can “speak” to anyone in the world…. Technology… isn’t it amazing?

When I started on the net, the summer of 2006 I was lucky to connect with a great group of people. I was green… and I mean GREEN. I was very fortunate that they found ME! I am forever grateful to this group.

At the same time that this group found me.. they also found many others as well. What made me different from the others was I wanted to learn. I had NO bad habits and as I said I was green. Few of the others had the drive or the desire that I did.

I was told I had a brain like a sponge. At times I thought my head would explode with all of the information that I was putting into my head. I wanted to learn everything. I couldn’t learn it fast enough.

I was told from the beginning that this was not going to be easy. There were NO short cuts and I had to LEARN HOW TO MARKET, just as a Dr. or a Lawyer learns his trade… I was willing and as I was GREEN!

I hear you… “how green were you?” I will tell you how green I was…. I didn’t know how that you could copy and paste with a mouse. That is GREEN! Wouldn’t you agree? I had to not only learn how to market online but I also had to learn what my computer could do. Including creating folders.. Gosh I was green.

Another confession.. to this day I still have to look at the keyboard as I type.

But.. I surrounded myself with a great group of people. We were all of the same mind set. We all wanted to build a business and make money on the internet and what we learned we wanted to share with others.

Lesson #2 Surround yourself with like minded people. You may be able to connect to anyone in the world via Skype but you should only be looking for like minded people. Those that have the same mindset, goals and values as you do.

This is the second in a series of lessons I have learned about marketing online
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