Lessons I have learned about marketing online…Lesson 3

cover-sah-139This wonderful group of like minded people were all followers of The Law Of Attraction. Being of the proper mind set is so important to everyone in every walk of life. I created a website with some of my favorite people Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Lee Milteer, Charles F. Haanel, Wallace D. Wattles. I call this my attitude adjustment site. My Kind Of Thinking. I will be adding to it so please check back often.

The Law Of Attraction is such a powerful thought process it goes right along with the way I was taught to market. It maybe just a hint, but it is indeed the way I market.. It is called “attraction marketing”

Fernando Ceballos has a wonderful course called “Attraction Marketing Formula“. The concept is that people seek you out rather than the other way around. It just makes this whole marketing thing more enjoyable. Attraction Marketing Formula can apply to any market not just those who work on the internet.

When people do a search for something on the internet.. they are not looking to buy anything they are looking for information. They probably have no intent on spending any money. They are simply looking to solve a problem or a way to do what ever it is that they went looking for. If your able to supply them with the information they were seeking you have just made a connection.

I hear you again… you wondering “how can I make money by giving out information”

How many times have you heard “the money is in the list”? I don’t know about you but I am certain that I have heard it hundreds of times. The reason that we hear it so much is because it is TRUE. The money is indeed in YOUR list.

Even if you simply write a post with a “Call to Action” of… if you would like to be notified when I post more helpful information please put your email address here. Or give them something in exchange for their email address. People love free stuff. Please don’t abuse the privilege of getting their email address to sell it or rent it, SPAM them or send them useless information. RESPECT them.

Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself. Just as the plumber or the electrician has tools to do his job you also need tools to market online.

That list that we talked about.. you need tools to be able to create that, and then you need the tools to be able to send out information to that list. You want to be able to create your own pages and to know which of those pages work best. To do that you need a tracking tool.

Tool, Tools and more Tools… I always tell people I am in the Tool Business… I have a good primary business, a way to promote it, and I know how to promote it. In my case they are all the same thing. My Tool Business is Global Virtual Opportunities(GVO).

When you market online you need the tools that GVO has and the best part is… they are all in one place. GVO is the perfect marketing funnel. It is a wonderful business but it is what others need to be able to market online. You can’t get much better than that. It is a win win for ALL.

In addition to my Tool Business I also do affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply SOPS…. Selling other peoples stuff. To do affiliate marketing you need some tools… I use the tools in my GVO tool box. With anything that you decide to market you want to be building your list.

I learned affiliate marketing from The Queen of affiliate marketing… Rosalind Gardner. She wrote the most wonderful book called The Affiliate Marketers Handbook. It is without a doubt the best book ever written on the subject. It is a step by step How to Guide. It sure beats trial and error.

Lesson #3 You need a good primary business a way to promote it and know how to promote it. I am lucky…. for me those are all the same thing… I use GVO.

This is the Third in a series of lessons I have learned about marketing online
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