Lessons I have learned about marketing online…Lesson 4

eanjpi1After I had read The Super Affiliate Handbook I put into action what I had learned. Picking a topic or niche’ was the first step. I was looking for something I was passionate about. Something that I could see myself writing about years from now. I am passionate about dirt…. and this is the site that I created about dirt. You Can Eat My Dirt.

I have several other blogs as well. One on them teaches kids about goal setting, visualization, and the Law Of Attraction.. It is called Kids and Goal Setting. I have been a follower of the Law of Attraction for many years. I firmly believe that it should be taught in all schools starting in kindergarten and introducing it again each school year. Getting children to practice the Law of Attraction starting at an early age would be such a natural thing to that that it could easily become a HABIT! I promote the Law of Attraction for Kids on this site.

I use WordPress. All of my blogs are self hosted (hosting is just one of the tools in my GVO Tool Box) Never ever and I mean EVER use a free blog site such as Blogger. How would you feel if after weeks or months of building your website you wake up one day and it is GONE!…. never to be seen again. No Warning just GONE. I know that this has happened. Don’t chance it. This will not happen when you host your own blogs.

There are all kinds of methods for picking domain names and keywords. I got a very good how to about that from the book I just spoke about. You can spend hours or days choosing the right keywords.. but the most important keyword you should always use is your name. Never forget that. It is indeed the most important keyword that you have. It also helps to be connected to like minded people, they can be invaluable for feedback.

A great place to learn about marketing online is at Net Learning Academy. It is free to join but to have full access to all it has to offer it is less than a one time payment of $8.00. The nice thing is it has many wonderful step by step.. how to videos that your able to access anytime that you want to.
One section at Net Learning Academy is devoted to setting up a WordPress blog… That alone is worth much more than the 8 bucks.

In addition to all of the information that the site contains it offers a 100% commission…. In other words…. If someone joins on your recommendation.. and upgrades to have full access You make that $8.00 commission… It is hard to beat a deal like that and also receive a wealth of information that you need to know to market online.

Another site that goes hand in hand with Net Learning Academy is IM Success Formula. I have been a member there for a very long time. They recently upgraded the entire site. I thought is was a great place to get great learning tools and information but now it has been made even better.

Here is an eBook that you can read. It was created in IM Success Formula…. Internet Marketing Success Formula, Your Step By Step Guide to Making Money Online. It has been re-branded with my links. We are encouraged to give it away for free….. I do hope that your able to see how that would be able to help you…….

I can highly recommend both Net Learning Academy and IM Success Formula.. to help with that learning curve that we all have to conquer. …. or even for the experienced marketer to pick up tips. Those sites fit together perfectly.

In Lesson 5 we will talk about writing good original content…. because… Content is King!

Lesson # 4 Brand Yourself. When you are building your business on the internet you want to brand yourself, if you use your real name or you use a nick name choose one and make it a part of your online presence.

This is the forth in a series of lessons I have learned about marketing online
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