Lessons I have learned about marketing online…Lesson 5

5944_593165947368673_837814928_nIt really does not make any difference if you are promoting a tool business like I have or an affiliate product… any business you choose the methods are basically the same and once you have the tools and the know how you can promote ANYTHING AT ALL!

I find the way that works best for me is blogging. As I mentioned in Lesson #4… I have several blogs not just the two about dirt and kids. All of my blogs are set up on WordPress. They are all self hosted too, meaning I have paid for the domains and I have them hosted. Please don’t ever use a free blogging platform such as WordPress.com or Blogger.com.

When I write a post I don’t just want to throw out a link to someone about dirt. I want to write about the benefits of the product. Did you notices I wrote “benefits” I want people to know how the product will be able to help them, what it can be used for.

I would never send someone to the main site of any product. Most of the site have so much information on them that they can be over whelming. I first like to post something about where I intend on sending them. Prepare them for how I can help them…. a bit about it, the benefit to them. This is the same concept as sharing information…NOT SELLING!

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I hear a few of you saying…”but I can’t write” …If you can speak, you can write. I write exactly like I talk. If you know about a subject tell me about it. It is no different. Perhaps telling about it into a tape recorder would help. Then simply put those words in a post.

I also use a couple of places to help my imagination….. I did a post about them, It is called “Tips to Help You Overcome Writers BLOCK”… The post talks about images that I get from Pixaby and how I get help with writing articles using Jiffy Articles.

Over the years I have collected 1000’s and 1000’s of articles…. but the thing is, HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people have also collected these EXACT same articles. But I must admit.. I love them. I get wonderful ideas from them. I do not copy and paste them anywhere… I read them and then if the information pertains to what I am working on I will re-write into my own style. Just reading over the many subject lines is a good way to get ideas…. I can never use the excuse…. I don’t know what to write about…

Private Lable Rights (PLR) products are another way to make money online… I have found a wonderful post by Liz Tomey that shows in step by step video format what to do with PLR products. It is called PLR 101 – How To Setup A PLR Product.

I will admit… I have many PLR files on my computer…. I just kept thinking that one day it would dawn on me what to do with them…. When I found that great post with all those videos….. I finally was able to put them to use…I buy most of my PLR Products from Nicole Dean at Easy PLR

Just to give you and example…. This is one I did after watching the video… Container Gardening Secrets. But see the thing is…. you still need away to get people to that link for them to be able to BUY what you have created…… I use my dirt blog to post articles about Container Gardening with a link to my PLR about Container Gardening Secrets.

PLEASE>>> write your own stuff….You want to write Good Original Content… DO NOT copy and paste. “Content is KING” . Whenever you write a post with “good original content” the Google Spiders are being fed. I call the Google Spiders Sam and Joe. I will talk more about these two in Lesson #6

The title of your post in VERY important. The purpose of your title is to get people to read the first sentence. The reason for your first sentence is for people to read your second sentence and so on and so on.

Lesson#5 Content is KING. This lesson is so important. I simply MUST repeat it…. Content is KING! Please write your own copy. Please don’t copy and paste. I get information to post about from others. I read it and then I rewrite it into my own words.

This is the Fifth in a series of lessons I have learned about marketing online
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