Lessons I have learned about marketing online…Lesson 6

funnelIn addition to Blogging I also use social media. Facebook being the best known. Most of my blogs also have a Facebook page associated with them. When I do a blog post it goes directly to the Facebook page that I created to go with it as well. Then from my personal account I can choose to SHARE it or not. Not to say that is the right way but it is My way.

The other social networking site that I use is APSense. I have been a member there for a long time. The nice thing about APSense is.. Google LOVES IT! You can post an article with good original content and it is not long before the Google Spiders will come running. They love to index APSense articles.

I always tell people to get their profiles set up at APSense. (This applies to any networking site.. not just APSense) Not only are all of the articles indexed by the spiders but also all of the comments as well. The spiders crawl back to see who posted that comment on that good original content post. They are just so curious… Gotta Love em!

When you make comments on blog posts you are able to put in your name with a link to your site. This is a great way to market also. PLEASE don’t post stupid stuff.. Post a relevant comment. In the first place the blog owner probably will not approve your silly comment. So make it count. This is your time to shine!

Forum posting is another place you should have your profile set up… and your signature. If your going to join any forums you really should get these 2 things done ASAP.. they are so important.

Make your signature clickable for lazy people who will not take the time to copy and paste.. there are many lazy people out there. Your signature will appear when you comment on others peoples posts.

NO SPAMMING and make your comment relevant to the post. Not only will other forum members see and read your comments but the Google Spiders will also be indexing them and scurrying back to see who commented…. Make your comment COUNT!

I am certain over the years I have posted this next part at least 100 times… but to me it is so important I feel I must do it again. When you are at a social site such as Facebook, APSense or in a forum…. pretend you are at a cocktail party and you are a social butterfly. You are going from post to post.. you are commenting and Liking. You are being social. You are meeting people and your getting to know them.

When someone posts blatant advertising in someone elses post that is RUDE and totally unacceptable behavior. I call it “dancing on the table”… and I would certainly hope that you would Never dance on the table in a social setting. Remember…. your a social butterfly.. NOT a table dancer.

Let’s go back to Content is KING for a moment. I want to talk about those Google Spiders. As I told you in Lesson #5…. I have named them Sam and Joe. I once again am just going to tell you how I do it. I am sure there may be some that will disagree with what I am going to write so please keep in mind this is my own personal opinion.

I love to feed the Google spiders, Sam and Joe. I always feed them good original content. I have great respect for Sam and Joe Spider. I do feed them using my keywords when I write BUT I always am writing for people first and Sam and Joe second. If I have all my keywords in my post repeatedly but it doesn’t make sense.. what good is it? I really don’t think that Sam and Joe Spider are stupid. I write for people because they are the ones that have the wallets not Sam and Joe.

To make Sam and Joe go really crazy when you write a blog post link it to another article in your blog. I also at times have linked my post to another blog that I have.. I can just see those guys scurrying around trying to devour all of that Good Original Content

I wish I were an animator.. I can see those spiders feeding on Good Original Content in my mind but I am not sure that I am able to convey the image that I have as clearly as I am able to see it. Let’s see how I do…

I have just put up a new post. Sam and Joe find it and they are crawling all over my Good Original Content. They crawl over a hyperlink and they are so curious they just can’t help themselves they have to see where that link goes…. so not only are they crawling on the post that I just put up they are also going to see where the other links go.. all the while indexing everything that they are crawling over…. As I said I love to feed those hungry Google spiders with good original content…..

When you create your blog or an article you must know how to choose a topic as well as the keywords to go with it. You not only want Sam and Joe to index your good original content but you want people to be able to find YOU when they go looking for information.

Your first step is to post copy that Sam and Joe will index and the reader is able to find. Your goal is to get the reader to be a buyer. You want “conversions” Turning your readers into buyers. When your building your list with readers who have expressed an interest in your niche’ you are able to follow up with them. Repetition is the key. Remember… respect your list, don’t SPAM them and give them good information.

Over my years of marketing online I have met many people who created overwhelming debt for themselves trying to make money online…. In most cases it is very easy to simply whip out that credit card to purchase the latest and the greatest….. knowing for a fact that you will have that money back PLUS much more by the time the credit card bill comes due…… Does that sound familiar? I wrote an post about that very topic… Slay That Dragon Called Debt!…..

Lesson 6 There is more than one way to market on line. You must do what works best for you. The information that I have shared with you is the way that I do it. It is the way that has worked best for me.

I have given you a lot of information…. I am sure many of you had your eyes glaze over. Probably more than half didn’t finish. I hope some of you will take what I have posted and apply it. It is not the only way… but it is my way.

Please let me know if I can help you in anyway…
Cindy Bolley
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If this were easy everyone would be doing it.
Learn how and then do it yourself.

This is the end of the lesson series about what I have learned about marketing online.
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