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Since I have been working on the internet, I have been asked many times….”What do you do to make money online?”

I thought I would put some notes together to share with you in the hopes that it may give you guidance as well as a bit of direction. It is important to note that what I am about to share with you is not the ONLY way and perhaps not the BEST way… but it is MY way. I can only tell you what works for me.

I have been taught or I have learned by trial and error the following lessons that I am going to share with you. Lessons about people, about attitude, and that terrible learning curve.

You will see the actual process that I use to make money online. Once again I am sure there are many ways to make money online…this just happens to be MY way.

Keeping FOCUSED is probably the hardest thing that I struggle with. I will be working on one thing and it just naturally leads to another. At the moment I have several projects that I am working on… All of them I want to do, but each of them take TIME, something that we all have just so much of.

The old saying “Plan your work and work your plan” can be entered here…. and in a bright colorful FLASHING neon sign the word FOCUS should be ever present in your mind.

I am sure that you have heard it many times… 97% of the people working online never make a dime… not one DIME. That leave only 3% who make any money at all.

If those statics are correct why in the world would ANYONE think that this is an EASY way to make a living working on the internet? Why would anyone believe all those ads that SCREAM at you about only having to work just a few hours a week to make $10,000.00 by next Friday. I really don’t understand that.

The people who write sales copy like that do so because they know that it works. People want to believe that it is true. PLEASE stop that way of thinking NOW!

Lesson#1 If you are ever going to be successful you can’t rely on others. You MUST learn how to do it for yourself. That lesson can actually apply to anything… not just online marketing. Always be aware of that neon sign as it flashes the word “FOCUS”.

This is the first in a series about the lessons I have learned about marketing online. Please fill out the form below to continue to lesson #2